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GLFW series sanitary centrifugal pumps can be widely used in the transportation of various liquid materials, such as dairy products, beer, beverages, medicine, biological engineering, fine chemicals and other fields. It can not only transport ordinary low and medium viscosity solutions, but also transport solutions containing suspended solids or corrosive. Sanitary centrifugal pumps are in the form of single-stage, single-suction, open impellers. The pump casing and impeller are carefully designed to reduce the resistance and completely eliminate the dead angle of hygiene. Due to its special structure, the flow rate of the liquid in the pump is increased, thereby improving the overall performance of the pump, and it is easy to clean and has excellent hygienic performance. It can meet product requirements for hygienic, flexible handling and chemical resistance.

Standard design

GLFW pump consists of the following parts: standard motor, impeller, pump housing, sanitary mechanical seal. It features an in-place cleaning system (CIP) design ,Cleanable seal without dead space inside. The GLFW pump has a stainless steel housing to protect the motor and four adjustable stainless steel legs.

shaft seal

GLFW pumps are fitted with a balanced single mechanical seal or a flushable balanced single mechanical seal. The static ring of these two mechanical seals is made of AISI316L steel embedded with silicon carbide or graphite, and the moving ring is made of silicon carbide. The support seal of the flushable mechanical seal is a durable lip seal. The mechanical seal of the GLFW10B GLFW25B pump is a double mechanical seal.


Contact medium material :AISI316L(AISI304) stainless steel
Other parts material :AISI304 stainless steel
Exterior surface: Titanium color
Interior surface: polished
Contact medium sealing material :EPDM ethylene propylene rubber

Technical parameters

Maximum inlet pressure: 0.5MPa
Temperature range: -10℃ to 140℃(EPDM)
Noise level (1 m) : less than 85dB(A)
Flushable seal
Water pressure: maximum 0.1MPa
water volume: 0.25 to 0.5 L/min
Double face seal
Water pressure: maximum 0.6mpa
water volume: 0.25 to 0.5 L/min
Voltage and frequency: 3~50HZ, 220-240V/380-420V/660~690V
Motor Model: 50HZ:1.5, 2.2, 3.4, 5.5,7.5, 11, 15KW



1. The motor is designed and manufactured according to international standards
International Electrotechnical Commission IEC34, IEC7
British standard BS4999-5000
Australian standard AS1359-2
German standard DIN4673
Comply with ec "CE" marking requirements
2. The motor meets the following standards
3. Reasonable structural design
Flexible wire box
4. Electrical Design
Excellent electrical performance
Low noise and low vibration
High performance protection class
The standard design protection class of the motor is IP55
According to user requirements to provide a higher level of protection
Suitable for double frequency wide voltage
The motor design takes into account voltage variations in different regions
Make the motor adapt to multiple areas of voltage use and ensure user performance
Improve insulation grade, increase the service life of the motor
Three types of mechanical seals are available
The external seal is not in contact with the medium

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GLFW Sanitary Centrifugal Pump (1)

Performance Parameter

GLFW Sanitary Centrifugal Pump (2)
GLFW Sanitary Centrifugal Pump (2)

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