ZA Type Petrochemical Flow Pump

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It’s a single-stage horizontal radial split volute pump. Its body adopts foot support, It adopts a single-suction radial impeller, with axial suction and radial discharge. It can adopt the front and rear wear ring balance holes for hydraulic balance. Its shaft seal can adopt either the packing seal, or the single/double mechanical seal. Also it’s provided with a cooling washing or sealing liquid system.
The standard pipeline is designed as per API610 The rated pressure classes of’ suction and discharge pipe flanges are the same.

Type Designation

ZA Type Petrochemical Flow Pump02

Range of Application

This pump is applicable for transporting clean or granular, low-temperature or high-temperature, neutral or corrosive liquids.
It’s mainly used for: refineries, petrochemical industry, coal processing industry, cryogenic engineering, chemical industry,papermaking, pulp industry, sugar industry, common flow industry,water plants, power plants. desalination of sea water, environmental protection engineering, heating and air conditioning systems.

Performance Parameter

ZA Type Petrochemical Flow Pump03

ZA Type Petrochemical Flow Pump04

ZA Type Petrochemical Flow Pump05

ZA Type Petrochemical Flow Pump06

ZA Type Petrochemical Flow Pump07

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