XBC-TSWA Diesel Unit Fire Pump

Diesel engine fire pump set as a fixed fire extinguishing equipment has been widely used in fire diversion, especially for fire water supply in unexpected situations such as no power supply or abnormal power supply (mains power). The pumps equipped in the unit are horizontal single-stage and multi-stage fire-fighting special pumps produced by our company, and the diesel engines equipped are 495, 4135, X6135, 12V135 and other series models produced by key enterprises in the domestic internal combustion engine industry. Other diesel engines can also be configured as power engines. It is mainly composed of diesel engine, fire pump, connecting device, fuel tank, radiator, battery pack, intelligent automatic control panel, etc.

Product Detail

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Performance and Advantages

It can start unit automatically or manually, providing with such functions as automatic stop, complete alarm and display systems, adjustable flow and pressure, double accumulator feedback, as well as wide equipment pressure and flow range. It has also water temperature preheating device, so as to being a broad application.

Application Scope

Fire control-Fire hydrant, spraying, sprinkling & cooling,foaming, and fire water monitor systems.
Industry-Water supply and cooling circulation systems.
Smelting- Water supply and cooling circulation systems.
Military-Field water supply and island fresh water collecting systems.
Heat supply-Water supply and cooling circulation systems.
Public works. Emergency water drainage.
Agriculture-Irrigation and drainage system.

Technical Parameters

Flow: 13.9~44.5L/S
Pressure : 0.44~ 2.9MPa
Related power : 17.6~ 200kW
Medium temperature : ≤ 80℃
PH: 5~9 .

Product Features

1. Strong power: the whole crankshaft of the diesel unit has high rigidity, high strength and high torque transmission efficiency. 2. Advanced technology: Adopt international advanced technology and gantry type body, sliding bearing, plate-fin type air cooler, top-mounted heat exchanger, spin-on oil filter and double cooling system. 3. Superior performance: the smoke and noise indicators reach the national superior product, and the fuel consumption is lower than the national standard superior product by more than 2.1g/kW.h. 4. High degree of automation: with automatic, manual and fault self-checking functions, monitoring the working conditions in the whole process, recovering the failure to start failure and automatic restart function, automatic pre-lubrication and pre-heating, making the equipment start more safe and reliable; with a central control room Remote control and remote control functions, and can also have a field bus connection (optional function). The battery adopts automatic floating charging (constant current, constant voltage, trickle charging) to ensure that the battery is in a standby state at any time. 5. Easy to use: Equipped with remote transmission instruments and meters, which can be connected to the control center as needed, easy to install and use, and easy to maintain.

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