The sewage pump is a product of the pump, the pump and the motor are connected together and work under the liquid at the same time. Compared with the general horizontal pump or vertical sewage pump, the sewage pump has a compact structure and a small footprint. Easy to install, large sewage pumps are generally equipped with automatic coupling devices for automatic installation, and installation and maintenance are quite convenient. Long run time. Because the pump and the motor are coaxial, the shaft is short, the rotating part is light in weight, the load on the bearing (radial) is relatively small, and the service life is much longer than that of the general pump. There are no problems such as cavitation damage and irrigation diversion. Especially the latter point brings great convenience to operators. Low noise, low motor temperature rise, no pollution to the environment. The sewage pump is suitable for lifting sewage and wastewater containing fibrous dirt, sediment and solid particles of a certain particle size. Selection Notes: 1. Find out the pump environment and select the appropriate pump type (generally divided into wet and dry). 2. Calculate the required pump lift. Sometimes the customer is wrong in calculating the flat transport distance into the elevator. Lift can only be calculated by multiplying the horizontal distance by the coefficient of friction. 3. Pipe elbow wear and pipe friction should be considered. These are different in actual situations, and it is quite troublesome to calculate accurately. Therefore, it is recommended to leave some space to ensure that the pump can pump water. 4. If you choose a stainless steel sewage pump, you must also find out the pH value of the water, including particle size, etc. , and select the appropriate stainless steel material. Generally, 304 material is suitable for PH4~10. If this range is exceeded, 316 or 316L stainless steel is recommended. 5. The water pump must be used within the rated head range to ensure that the motor will not be overloaded. For example, the actual required lift is 30m, but the pump with the standard lift less than 30m is used to pump water. This situation is a mistake in the use method, which will cause the motor to overload, and seriously burn the motor. 6. The pump line must be unblocked. If the pipe is blocked, the motor will be overloaded, and it will burn out the motor in severe cases.

Post time: Aug-25-2022