Stainless steel longevity, high strength, lightweight and other excellent characteristics.In recent years, stainless steel has been used in shipbuilding, railway vehicles and other transportation industries.With the development of machinery manufacturing, stainless steel industry will have a broad application prospect.

China stainless steel special steel association chairman li cheng such analysis of China’s stainless steel consumption market (valves, pumps).From the consumption situation, China’s apparent consumption has reached the world’s highest level, nearly 1/4 of the total global consumption, per capita consumption of stainless steel has reached 3.4KG, jumping to the forefront of developing countries.However, the growth rate of consumption is gradually slowing down, from the super-fast development stage where the average annual growth rate of consumption is more than 30%, to the current growth rate of 6.43 percent of steady growth.Stainless steel itself because of its corrosion resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics, in China’s key development of energy, petrochemical, power, mining and other fields have been widely used.

In recent years, stainless steel has been involved in a wide range of fields, including water industry, construction and structure industry, environmental protection industry, industrial facilities in the demand will also increase year by year.In the water industry, people pay more and more attention to the pollution of water during storage and transportation.A lot of practice has proved that stainless steel is the best material for water industry, such as water preparation, storage, transportation, purification, regeneration and desalination.Its advantages are: corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance, water conservation, sanitation (no rust and coppergreen), light weight (reduce by 1/3), less maintenance, long life (can be used for 40 years), low life cycle cost (LCC), recyclable green environmental protection materials.According to introduction, at present, Japan Tokyo area pipeline stainless steel has reached 76%, the rate of pipeline leakage from the original 14.7 percent to the current 7 percent.5%.Stainless steel water tanks remain intact after a major earthquake in Osaka, Japan.Recently, the bellows joint was developed in Japan to reduce the construction cost of the stainless steel pipeline by 20%, the total cost by 3% and the maintenance cost by 3/4.

To sum up, the stainless steel pump driven by the stainless steel industry has a good market development prospect.With relevant personage forecast, China’s stainless steel pump market in the next decade can reach 2 -3 billion.Stainless steel pump with corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance, water conservation, safety and health, light weight, less maintenance, long life, low life cycle cost, recyclable and a series of advantages, won the market love.We have reason to believe that by adding green stainless steel material, stainless steel pump will become the leader of China’s pump industry, for the development of China’s pump industry!

Post time: Apr-22-2022