LC Vertical Long-Shaft Pump

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Product Introduction

LC Vertical Long- Shaft Pump is a leading and well-developed product line developed to meet the domestic market demand through reference to advanced experience in design and manufacture of vertical long-shaft pumps both at home and abroad. It can be used to transport clear water, rain water, iron oxide scale water, sewage, corrosive industrial waste water,seawater and other liquids below 55C; or to transport liquids at90C after specially designed. It’s widely applied in industrial and mining enterprises, like water plants, sewage treatment plants,power plants, steel mills and mines, plus municipal water supply and drainage, farmland irrigation, flood control and drainage and other works.

Performance Scope

Flow: 50~8400m³/h
Head: 15~150m
Motor Power: 5.5~2000kW

Structure Diagram

LC Vertical Long-Shaft Pump02

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